• Stay True With the Original Aspiration and Insist on the Quality

    Recently, Nongfu Spring was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, making eyes of all walks of life focused on the "porter of nature" once more. It is reported that since its establishment in 1996, Nongfu Spring has been committed to the brand concept of "natural and healthy", and with unique strategic vision, prospectively laid out ten rare and high-quality natural water source

    / 11-20

  • Crypto Battle CBX, The Future Encrypted Digital Society

    Crypto Battle, Originated from Mr X and Won the Digital Code Battle

    Mars Finance / 11-20

  • Good News! Qingdao Was Awarded “The Happiest City of China 2020”

    Reported by Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News on November 18 Qingdao has been included as one of the China’s Happiest City 2020 as released on Happy Cities of China Forum held in Hangzhou at around 5 PM today. This is another honor of Qingdao after it was named one of the top 10 "Most Attractive Cities in China for Foreign Talents" not long ago, and kept the title of "National Civilized City" after be

    / 11-19

  • Interwine China: Qipai Biotech Presents AORENTU SOD Product Series, Receiving High Attention from Local and Foreign Guests

    At the highly anticipated 25th Interwine China hosted in Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Qipai Biotechnology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Qipai Biotech) presents its "AORENTU SOD" brand series, which received wide attention from attendees from home and abroad. / 11-18

  • CYC chain, The Leader Of SH-DPoS Consensus Algorithm

    The CYC circular ecology will promote a lightweight independent alliance station construction system to provide efficient and safe technical support for the alliance station. To achieve a comprehensive transcendence from technology to model to ecology, and the integration of high-speed fission circular economy models, so that the value generated by user labor can be stored forever.

    Mars Finance / 11-17

  • Share Me, The Business Opportunity

    Share Me is in this era of rapid development of the Internet, creating a new type of money-making platform, so that money is no longer purely part-time work and entrepreneurship. I wish you to earn money in the leisure of Share Me platform, let us follow Share Me to realize the dream of wealth .

    article / 11-17

  • 第六届中国国际“互联网+”大学生创新创业大赛新闻发布会 在北京举行


    / 11-16

  • Norvarm, Perfect integration of TRON and DeFi

    Norvarm is a Dapp based on TRON, a pioneer of 100% decentralized finance, which perfectly interprets the digital financial model of TRON+DeFi.

    Mars Finance / 11-14

  • CRex, a giant, the decentralized and trusted ecosystem

    CRex, a giant, the decentralized and trusted ecosystem .

    Mars Finance / 11-13

  • China Eastern Airlines Holds Annual Open Day Online

    China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) kicked off its annual open day online on Nov. 10. The well-designed online activity has so far attracted reporters from more than ten well-know global media outlets.

    / 11-13

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