• YDIF & Industrial Design Exhibition: Building Chongqing as A Capital of Design

  • XCMG launches X-GSS at Bauma China 2020, shows how to go digital in machinery manufacturing

  • iQIYI Unveils Short Video Strategy at Suike Carnival Held in Shanghai

  • Human Horizons' Super SUV, HiPhi X, Wows Crowds at Guangzhou Auto Show

  • iQIYI and Top Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil First-Ever Collaboration on Artwork for "FOURTRY"

  • Putuo thrives as hotspot for business investment


  • We are Wellington An enhancing and enriching school life

    At Wellington College International Hangzhou, we aspire to create a caring, international community that develops well-rounded individuals with strong values and the skills and identity to thrive within an ever-changing world. In fact, this is our vision statement. Community is at the centre of all we do at Wellington, one of the best International schools in Hangzhou and we continuously strive to

    / 05-14

  • BitCherry BCHC the First Commercial Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure IPv8 based

    BitCherry BCHC the First Commercial Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure IPv8 based BitCherry, as the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 Technology for distributed commerce, will provide a friendly and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure for businesses in various fields around the world through its profound technical strength, support customized blockchain applications

    https://www.blockqode.co/bitcherry/ / 05-14

  • Core is Key IGCSE Mathematics

    The IGCSE Mathematics curriculum supports learners in building competency, confidence and fluency in their use of techniques and mathematical understanding. The course helps learners in Hangzhou international school to develop a feel for quantity, patterns and relationships. Learners will develop their reasoning, problem-solving and analytical skills in a variety of abstract and real-life contexts

    / 05-17

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations

    Last week, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, pupils and teachers from Wellington College International Hangzhou presented a spectacular fashion show, followed by five exciting House activities and a fierce House singing competition in the Grand Theatre. We would like to share the photograph gallery of the day and a short video that captures the festivities within the Hangzhou internation

    / 05-14

  • The necessary tool for the implementation of the blockchain-oracle

    For the current oracle market, there is an urgent need for an oracle like ONP , which can provide data interaction for multiple chains while ensuring data security, integrity, reliability, and efficient transmission. Let us look forward to the brilliant performance of the ONP public chain. , I hope ONP can bring a powerful boost to the implementation of blockchain!

    Defi speaker / 05-17

  • SHAP innovation after SHIB :building better investment

    Sharp price rises take shine off equities rally and stoke concerns over central banks’ next moves

    Cont.ws / 05-14

  • Insights Performing Arts Skills for lifelong success

    As we come to the end of 2020 our pupils in Hangzhou international school have taken part in several events to bring this year to a celebratory end. The Winter Fair shared the joy of singing within our school community and the WCIH Choir performances at the Grand Hyatt and Naked Stables shared the same joy with those outside of the school community.

    / 05-17

  • "SHIB2" a revolution of SHIBa lnu eco-currency! The journey from 0 to 1 is the journey of the social underclass across the hierarchy!

    Shiba2 Inu (SHIB2) is a token created by the famous Russian programmer Petr Mitrechev in the decentralized community, SHIB2 is an eco-empowerment token for SHIBA INU, it will be the first token to use the economic model of the law of entropy. shib2 has a total of only 500 trillion pieces and uses the law of entropy for deflation! will empower the shib's ecology!

    Defi speaker / 05-15

  • Focus on NFT: WOWPI, a decentralized deflationary currency based on Binance's ecological chain, will be launched soon

    On the other hand, in order to enable participating investors to obtain higher returns, WOWPI has designed a unique reward and deflation mechanism, so that it has the characteristics of liquid trading mining, long-term currency holders in the address of the wowpi will receive with the cumulative transaction interest dividends, the larger the number of holdings of the currency more dividends.

    Defi speaker / 05-15

  • Introducing the 2021 Festival of Education's virtual speakers

    Wellington College China's Festival of Education in the International School Shanghai returns once again in 2021 after a yearlong hiatus. This annual event is an opportunity for educators, parents and general education enthusiasts to come together, share ideas and gain new insights into teaching and learning. This year, the festival's theme is Interpreting the Future of Education. Through a series

    / 05-17