How Polkadot and BitChed against the malicious attacks and protect chain security?rry coul


Polkadot maintains every chain around Polkadot by randomly selecting verifier nodes. The larger the pool of verifiers that can be randomly selected, the fairer and safer it will be. The probability that a group of people who want to do evil will be divided together will decrease. Therefore, Polkadot Official hope to have 1000 nodes to maintain the Polkadot chain, At the same time, fisherman, as a police officer in the system, can further strengthen the security of the system by finding out the evil operations and getting rewards.

BitCherry constructs the network protocol of P2Plus in the physical layer through the technology of IPv8. The P2Plus network protocol adopts the point-to-point high-strength private key encryption technology. Only the receiving node can decrypt the transmission content after encryption, which ensures the confidentiality of the transmission content and the privacy of the node. The operation of the whole node is attached to the structure of hashgraph, which can ensure the decentralization without heavy workload proof. At the same time, it can realize the point-to-point encryption of information and ensure the privacy and security of user data in the interaction process.

Although the two projects are different in terms of network architecture, consensus algorithm and privacy security, it is undeniable that Polkadot and BitCherry both project are beginning focus on security and make enough efforts to protect the privacy security on the chain, which is very important for users of blockchain projects.


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